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Department of Internal medicine & Critical Care

Dr. Tarun Singhal (MBBS, MD, FIACM)

Head of Department

Dr. Tejesh Gupta


Department of Internal medicine & Critical Care is headed by Dr. Tarun Singhal, MBBS, MD , FIACM . He is a renowned Senior Consultant & Physician with over three decades of experience. He has tirelessly & selflessly served his patients. He did his MBBS & MD (Internal Medicine) from SN Medical College, Agra. He has a vast experience in the field of Critical Care Medicine & has been recipient of numerous accolades. He has authored various publication with a keen interest in the field of Non- Invasive Ventilation & has been pioneer in setting up NIV unit in this region. His team of doctors & specialists are striving day in out in hospital to give the best results to our patients.



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